About us

Our focus areas

Empowering low-income communities, smallholder farmers, and women-led MSMEs for a brighter future

Improve the quality of life of low-income and vulnerable households, smallholder farmers and MSMEs, particularly women

Our vision

To improve the quality of life of low-income populations by enabling inclusive finance

Our mission

We enable access to affordable and client-centric financial solutions through inclusive financial sector partners

Building resilience to protect living  standards

Access to savings and  insurance products builds resilience to better respond to the negative effects of adverse weather events, catastrophes, death or illness of the breadwinner or of conflict.

Advancing economic empowerment to increase income and asset building

Tailored loan, leasing and insurance products enable end-clients to invest in productive activities, increase income through increased access to markets, create employment opportunities and build assets.

Accessing essential services to improve current and future generations’ living standards

Adequate payment services and channels, enable access to electricity, clean water, sanitation, education and healthcare on affordable and predictable terms.

Our focus area

Innovative Finance for Impact

We support innovative, high-impact inclusive finance service providers to traverse the pioneer gap by both expanding our toolkit and focusing efforts more deliberately across four focus areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Climate and resilience

We will be focusing our activities on the nexus between finance and agriculture, health, housing and climate, as well as climate resilience, addressing the needs of women and migrants as cross-cutting priorities across our work. We will leverage on financial instruments including technical assistance, impact-linked finance, and repayable grants to high-impact enterprises – to enable IFSPs to provide innovative financial services that drive progress towards livelihoods and resilience for low-income people.


Enable equitable access to agri-finance solutions, markets and resources; Strengthen agriculture ecosystem players to be more resilient to climate shocks; Promote adoption of climate resilient agriculture practices.


Reduce out-of-pocket expenditures; Increase access to primary care; Increase access to care for Non Communicable Diseases.


Increase access to eco-friendly home ownership; Increase access to affordable housing; Enhance green and disaster resilient construction.


Support inclusive finance enablers making financial services accessible to all.

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Our partnerships foster economic empowerment for low-income populations


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