Building resilience with Swiss Re Foundation

January 8, 2024
March 13, 2024
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At SCBF, we take pride in the unique structure of our organisation, featuring a blend of public and private members. These individuals bring diverse expertise to the table, working collaboratively towards the shared objective of expanding inclusive finance to empower low-income populations. Some of these members are also strategic partners, contributing not only with their voluntary time and knowledge support but also providing funding to SCBF to support projects and operations. This financial support aids SCBF in advancing the joint mission of creating a financially inclusive world.

One noteworthy strategic partner is Swiss Re, which joined SCBF in 2012 as a member and later Swiss Re Foundation became a strategic partner in 2021. Aligned with their social and humanitarian values Swiss Re Foundation envisions building resilient societies capable of withstanding and recovering from health, environmental, and economic risks.

Over the past three years, we have collaborated with the Foundation to co-fund 10 projects across six countries in Africa and Asia. These projects span across diverse thematic areas, ranging from health insurance to parametric insurance.

We are deeply grateful for this partnership and the impactful contributions it has and continues to make on the ground. Through supporting innovative business ideas and solutions, our collaboration with Swiss Re Foundation has yielded significant positive outcomes. We have compiled comprehensive details on these ten co-funded projects, presenting them in a compendium that underscores the significance of this important partnership.

Picture courtesy – Safari Consoler, Pexels  

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Our partnerships foster economic empowerment for low-income populations

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