FIW 2023 : Unlocking Financial Inclusion- Harnessing AI and blockchain for a better future

January 16, 2024
March 12, 2024
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Despite the plethora of financial institutions and fintech entities globally, the persistent global credit gap remains a formidable challenge. This predicament necessitates a fresh perspective on addressing the hurdles hindering financial inclusion. To this end, we must explore the transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies to enhance accessibility, lower costs, and cater to diverse customer segments.

During the Financial Inclusion Week 2023, a recorded conversation between our Learning and Insights Manager, Yekbun Gurgoz, and Maurice Iwunze, Co-founder, SympliFi was made available to discuss on “Unlocking Financial Inclusion: Harnessing AI and Blockchain for a Better Future”. The session delved into real-world examples from Africa, where artificial intelligence and groundbreaking blockchain technology are reshaping the landscape of financial inclusion. It covered how these innovations are not only revolutionizing credit scoring but also are empowering underserved populations, making financial services more accessible and tailored to their unique needs. This conversation explores the future of inclusive finance and its impact on global economies.

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Click the below link to access the factsheet for the project with SympliFi:

Embedding and scaling SympliFi’s digital collateral to facilitate affordable MSME lending and financing

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