MPower joins as SCBF’s 28th member

July 21, 2022
March 13, 2024
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SCBF is pleased to share that our member-base has been steadily growing as we welcome our newest member – MPower Ventures. MPower is a climate and fin-tech start-up that revolutionises energy access by providing small and medium-scale solar energy infrastructure in developing countries. Using a B2B model that combines hardware, software, and financing solutions, they are transforming accessibility and impact into profitability.

Reliable and affordable access to modern energy is essential for people to meet their basic needs and undertake productive activities which contribute to economic growth while mitigating climate change. This is why SCBF fosters solutions that link green energy and inclusive finance, such as this exciting project with MPower to scale-up micro-loans for solar-powered home systems and productive appliances in Zambia.

We heard from our counterparts at MPower on what prompted them to join SCBF and what they look forward to accomplishing through this partnership.

Going forward, SCBF is enthusiastic about strengthening our collaboration and deploying impactful solutions to power rural households and small businesses with green energy so that they can enhance their livelihoods and thrive while protecting our planet.

To learn more about how to become an SCBF member, reach out to us at

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