How can low-income populations be financially included and effectively empowered? – Perspectives on client-centric approaches in Benin, Mali and Togo

January 16, 2024
March 12, 2024
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SCBF has been co-funding various projects in West Africa related to product upscaling, feasibility study and financial education. These projects are under various themes like Agriculture, Financial capability, resilience, and literacy focusing primarily on low-income clients, small-holder farmers, and women. Some of these projects are exploring various innovative ways to expand inclusive finance.

An in depth study of three such projects in Benin, Mali & Togo was done to understand the models, approaches, and final impact. Two of these projects were on digitalisation of financial products and solutions and another one explored to scale up self-help group methodology for improving rural women’s access to finance.

With this as a backdrop, on 8 November 2023, SCBF organised a webinar in collaboration with MicroSave Consulting to have a detailed analysis of:

  • The existing challenges in these countries and markets
  • How these challenges can be tackled (based on the experience of the partners)
  • What and how client-centric approaches can be used to gain maximum outreach

Watch the recording

Moderator:  Elisabeth Kibitek Goueth, MicroSave Consulting

Speakers:   Boubacar Dialo, SCBF || Mathieu Soglonou, CIF, Benin || Niffone Jacqueline Dabou, BCEAO, Senegal || Antoine Edah, Assilassimé Solidarité, Togo || Alou Keita, CAMIDE, Mali

Click the below link to access the factsheet for the projects:

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Our partnerships foster economic empowerment for low-income populations

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