Introducing the 2020 Inclusive Fintech 50 Cohort

October 21, 2020
March 13, 2024
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Join us in congratulating Akiba on being selected for the 2020 Inclusive Fintech 50 cohort. Last year, Stonestep was selected for 2019 Inclusive Fintech 50 cohort. The Inclusive Fintech 50 initiative leverages a competitive process led by an independent judging panel of experts to identify 50 early-stage fintechs driving financial inclusion and resilience around the world that are sustainable and focus on low income clients.

SCBF is very proud to have two of its members selected in the Inclusive Fintech 50 cohort for two years in a row. Please find the whole list of the 2020 Inclusive Fintech 50 here.

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Our partnerships foster economic empowerment for low-income populations

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