Savings Linked Insurance for resilience in Ghana and Malawi

February 28, 2023
March 13, 2024
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For the past seven years, VisionFund has been actively designing microinsurance products tailored to meet the needs of the clients they serve and they believe microinsurance provides vulnerable individuals with the safety net they so often lack. VisionFund has proven successful in working with local insurance providers while negotiating coverage that is contextually appropriate for the community members where they work. They are looking to expand their reach by offering their microinsurance expertise to their partner organization World Vision, giving World Vision beneficiaries the opportunity to purchase insurance to protect themselves and their family from financial hardship from health-related incidences.

For the past two years, VisionFund has piloted the provision of health microinsurance to World Vision Savings groups in Ghana and Malawi through funding and support by the Swiss Capacity Building Facility. The report summarises the results of the pilot, the evaluation process, learnings, and the next steps.

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